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5210 Schubert Rd. Knoxville TN 37912


Veteran Owned

Cool  Cat is the brain child of Jim Broughton, aka Jim B.

"It is my desire to have a great billiards room where all ages can come to and have an excellent place to play a great game of pool and eat a meal that is prepared with fresh ingredients and great flavor. I believe we have done that. We are here to make your day better and help you build fond memories with Family and Friends."

- Founder and Owner: Jim & Jan Broughton

The Dream of owning a billiards room comes from a love of pool and the loss of youth in America to their electronics, hopefully can begin a new generation of great players.

It is our hope to become a part of bringing families together in an environment where kids will have fond memories of hanging out. If you ask any pool player, they can tell you about a place where they first began playing and someone that had an influence in their life.

You can be the one; Let Cool Cat be the place!

The Construction of Cool Cat Billiards & Cafe

We started construction in April of 2017. It was a hard, long road considering I knew very little about codes and construction at this level. But we persevered, opening March 24, 2018.

We opened without a kitchen, which later opened in June of 2018.

I feel we have achieved our goal in that we have built a billiards room that is family friendly and held at a level where even the best come to play. We also have great food which is held to the highest quality for taste and flavor.

Cool Cat Before Exterior

The Name

We had several names bouncing around, but while driving westbound on I-40 one day, I saw a car with stick people - but they were stick cats!

Being a great fan of the blues, I came to the name of Cool Cat Billiards and Cafe. Because we are all a cool cat in our own!  So the place is named after you!

The Venue

We have 9,350 square feet of space to accommodate up to 140 (one hundred and forty) people for any and every occasion!