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Tip Replacement

Shaft Work

Butt Work

Cue Stuff

Cool Cat Cue Repair

Does your cue stick need repairs?  Fixing issues with the tip, shaft, or butt of your pool cue can save you the trouble of buying a new one, plus it's often less expensive to repair rather than replace.

You'll also be able to keep using your favorite pool cue instead of worrying about getting to know a new one - and when it comes to playing billiards, this has a serious effect on your playing style!

We offer many different pool cue repair services for a wide variety of pool cues.

Call us today to learn more about Cool Cat Cue Repair!

Tip Replacement

Le Pro, Elk Master, Triangle, Everest, Sniper, Tallisman,
and More!

Jump/Break Tips



Shaft Work

Clean & Polish
Dent Removal
Shaft Collar
Size Change


Tennon Replacement

Butt Work

Irish Linen Wrap
Wrap Cleaning
Leather Wrap
Joint Collar
Butt Cap or Bumper

Cue Wraps 2

The Cool Cat Cue Repair Guarantee

Billiards is not just a hobby, but a form of stress relief and relaxation.  That's why we make it a point to repair each pool cue as though it were one of our own.

When you bring your pool cue to Cool Cat for repair, we guarantee not only that the work is done right, but that you're satisfied with the way we handle your pool cue.  

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